Review Policy

** I am currently not accepting any books to review at the moment. With work being so chaotic and the holidays coming up, I want to take time for myself and relax with my current reads and TBR pile. I will start accepting again after the New Year. **

I would be honored to read and review your title! All I ask is that you be sure it goes along with my guidelines below.

  • I will review titles from the following set of genres: thrillers, mystery, suspense and crime.
  • I will accept hardcovers or paperbacks from authors and/or publishers.
  • I will accept digital copies from authors and/or publishers.
  • I will only give honest reviews about the books I have enjoyed reading and if I didn’t like a title as much as others, I will let people know that as well.
  • All reviews are my own, unless I participate in a group read then I may have some of their thoughts as well.
  • If you send me a book and would like a review on a certain day or by a certain time, please let me know so I can do so.
  • I would be happy to participate in blog tours, interviews and giveaways.

Please know that all of the books I review, I purchase myself. If I have been sent a book or have won a book, I will always state accordingly.

You may reach me at my Gmail account, Twitter, and/or Instagram.