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The Missing Girls (Carol Wyer) @Bookouture @carolewyer

Author: Carol E. Wyer
Goodreads Rating:
★★★★★ (4.43)
ublished: September 14th, 2017

Goodreads Synopsis:

One girl found dead. Another girl gone… Long shadows danced on the tin walls. Inside the trunk lay Carrie Miller, wrapped in plastic, arms folded across her ribcage, lips sealed tight forever. When a girl’s body is found at a Midlands storage unit, it is too decomposed for DI Robyn Carter to read the signs left by the killer. No one knows the woman in blue who rented the unit’ her hire van can’t be traced. But as the leads run dry another body is uncovered.

This time the killer’s distinctive mark is plain to see, and matching scratches on the first victim’s skeleton make Robyn suspect she’s searching for a serial killer. As Robyn closes in on the killer’s shocking hunting ground, another girl goes missing, and this time it’s someone close to her own heart. Roby can’t lose another loved one. Can she find the sickest individual she has ever faced, before it’s too late?

My Review: (5 Stars)

This novel blew me away! I was hooked on page one! This is my favorite DI Carter book in the series so far!!! 

The Missing Girls was read as a buddy read with my bestie Megan over at Coffee By the Novel. This book was a novel that was completely devoured and very hard to put down. The DI Robyn Carter series has been one of my favorite series. It has currently surpassed the Helen Grace series written by M.J. Arlidge in my eyes.

I love everything about Robyn Carter. I love her work ethic, I love her thought process, her instincts, her devotion to not only her job but to her colleagues, and most of all I love DI Carter for the way she still loves her husband after his passing.

When decided to read this book, both Megan and I had already been huge fans. This book could not have added more suspense to our lives along with more love we could give Wyer.

The Missing Girls had me hooked from page one. I had life happen in the middle of this book and could not read it as fast as I would have liked but the times I was reading, I was completely captivated by Wyer’s writing. The story line, writing style and character development were on point in this novel.

There are just the right amount of twists and turns. Especially when you’re not ready for them. I can say that the culprit I had in mind was definitely not who it turned out to be. Even with this books’ incredibly dark side, it had a very light emotional side as well. With Robyn giving more light into her married life, her relationship with Amelie and her new found work relationship with Shearer, it contains the perfect amount of “awe” moments for this twisted psychological thriller.

This book deserves a 5 star rating and a lot of praise! If someone asked me for a recommendation, the series would be a definite first thought while recognizing this book as my favorite! December cannot come fast enough to get my hands on The Silent Children.

Make sure you stop by Megan’s blog to read her review of The Missing Girls (DI Robyn Carter, #3)!

Thank you to Carol Wyer, Bookouture and NetGalley for allowing me to read this book for an honest review!



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