Throwback Thursday (June 29, 2017)


Good evening bloggers!

What another gloomy day here in Michigan. Perfect weather to get some errands done, read and now blog! Saturday we plan on going up to the top of the peninsula to camp on top of an old ski mountain to celebrate the 4th of July with our friends! Do you have any fun plans over the weekend leading up to the 4th?

The Throwback Thursday meme was created by Rene over at It’s Book Talk. She made this meme to share some of our old favorites as well as sharing books that we want to read that were published over a year ago. Lord knows we all have a big enough TBR pile, but this is such a great way to share recommendations!

My Pick This Week:


Published: March 4th, 2010

An invisible, uncrossable physical barrier encloses the United States. The Line is the part of the border that lopped off part of the country, dooming the inhabitants to an unknown fate t=when the enemy used a banned weapon. It’s said that bizarre creatures and superhumans live on the other side, in Away. Nobody except tough old Ms. Moore would ever live next to the Line. Nobody but Rachel and her mother, who went to live there after Rachel’s dad died in the last war. It’s a safe, quiet life. Until Rachel finds a mysterious recorded message that can only have come from Away. The voice is asking for help. Who sent the message? Why is her mother so protective? And to what lengths is Rachel willing to go in order to do what she thinks is right?


There you have it! Another Throwback Thursday! Once again, these books I post about which I haven’t read makes me very anxious to read faster to get to more books! What is your secret to reading faster!? I could learn a thing or two!

Happy Reading! xx


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