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Six Stories (Matt Wesolowski)

Author: Matt Wesolowki
Goodreads Rating: ★★★★☆ (4.30)
Pages: 225
Published: March 30, 2017

Goodreads Synopsis:

The novel is constructed as a series of podcasts, in which an investigative journalist describes the circumstances around the death of a teenaged boy in an outward-bound centre, interviewing witnesses, suspects and people close to the incident.

My Thoughts (5 Stars):

This book is hands down the most creative book I’ve ever read. This book had me guessing between reality and make-believe.

Six Stories is a smaller novel with a whole lot of intense pages inside. This book is based on pod casts. I personally have never listened to a pod cast nor have I known anyone who has constructed one but after reading this book I may take a minute or two to start! Megan from Coffee By the Novel (now has a blog set up!) talked me in to having this be my next read and I’m so glad I listened to her. At first I had a hard time getting into this novel. I just wasn’t understanding the writing style right away, but as I got through the first couple pages, I got the hang of it and couldn’t put it down.

As I started though, finishing the episode one, I asked Megan if this was based on a true story. For me, this book felt so life-like. I had a really hard time imagining this story just as make-believe. I could see this story unfolding in the newspapers and on news casting stations very easily in the world we live today. Which for me, makes this book utterly brilliant. Who doesn’t want a book that isn’t life-like!?

Looking into this novel, it is made up of character studies, local horror legends, a murder mystery and a lot of creepy feels throughout the read to make it one of the perfect thriller/mystery books I have ever read. Inside the pages, there are different characters who played a huge part in the murder of a boy named Tom Jefferies. In each chapter we read about each person’s outlook on the time frame leading up to his “mis-adventured” death.

This novel, literally had me on the edge of my seat. It even had me closing my book in the middle of the night because I got a bit freaked out. Believe it or not!

Beginning the novel, I thought to myself this might be tough to figure out who killed Tom Jefferies. Having be told as a pod cast and the journalist Scott King always saying “I’m not here to make judgements. I’m here to allow you to do that,” I was afraid I might have not been able to figure it out and would be left hanging. As I got to Episode 4 though, I had picked my suspect and after finishing Episode 5, I was very confident I was right.  What I didn’t know was how incredibly deranged the ending would be. I am still left speechless.

At the beginning of the novel we find out that Tom Jefferies had been killed and we learn that people are going to be interviewed but what I enjoyed the most was trying to believe it was actually a person Tom knew or one of the local legends that had been floating around Scarclaw Fell.

Now the name Scarclaw Fell is creepy sounding in itself but when learning that they are old mine shafts that have caved in years prior and the local legend haunts this Fell gives the thriller meter a 100. Especially when reading home alone, in the middle of the woods, at night!!

But again, my most favorite idea about this novel is within its 225 pages, Matt writes his characters interviews so believably that you forget you’re reading a story. With these characters you get to learn about each one individually and then you get to hear a side of them that made up their group dynamics. Each character was as strong and damaged as the next. I highly suggest you pick up this book or order it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!




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