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Secrets of the Dead (Carol Wyer) @carolewyer @bookouture

Author: Carol Wyer
Goodreads Rating: ★★★★☆ (4.47)
Pages: 314
May 30th, 2017

Goodreads Synopsis:

Three murders. Three innocent victims. What secrets did they share with their killer? A bottle of bubble bath and colorful, plastic boats were scattered in small puddles on the floor. In the bathtub lay Linda Upton, fully-clothed, her lips a shade of blue, and her bloodshot eyes wide open. When a young mother is found drowned in the bath, clutching a receipt saying ‘all debts paid’, Detective Robyn Carter knows it’s just the beginning of a harrowing case. She recognizes the signs of a serial killer, and when a second victim with a receipt is found, her worst fears are confirmed.

Robyn is under pressure to solve the crime yesterday. But her team can’t find a link between the two bodies, and the cracks are starting to show. Just when her leads have dried up, Robyn discovers an unsettling clue she thinks could unlock the case. Can Robyn stop the most twisted killer of her career before it’s too late?

My Review (5 Stars):

Secrets of the Dead is the second novel in the series presenting Detective Inspector Robyn Carter. I read Wyer’s first novel Little Girl Lost back in March and was mesmerized with DI Carter. I thought this novel was absolutely brilliant and could completely relate with DI Carter by knowing what it feels like to lose someone who was so connected to you.

I read Secrets of the Dead as a buddy read with Annie from The Misstery and we had a lot of the same feelings when it came to this novel. I will not be talking about anything that gives away the ending nor will it ruin the novel for those who have yet to read it.

Robyn Carter is still working as a Detective Inspector in this novel, trying to work her way up in the ranks. The minute she realizes that she has more than she bargains for in this case is when everything she is known for (her instincts, the will to succeed, never giving up) is questioned.

The plot of the story compared to Little Girl Lost was a little bit slower for me. I was getting antsy reading chapter to chapter because I felt as if DI Carter and her team were never going to catch the killer. They had their victims, they had their invoices that claimed 250,000 pounds, they had the connections but up until the end they didn’t have the who or the why.  It was just one thing I was bummed about. I wanted a more fast paced thriller.

One thing I loved about this novel though was how we got to see a more in depth side of Robyn and her relationship to her deceased husband Davies. We get to discover her emotional and softer side. It made me love her character even more. With that we got to read more about Amelie as well. Amelie is Davies daughter. We see more of Robyn and Amelie’s relationship bloom into what could be devastating for Robyn as Amelie is a spitting image inside of Davies but she makes the most of it and makes their time beautiful.

Another thing I enjoyed was how Wyer wrote her victims. There were different types of deaths throughout the book and there were even a couple that slipped through the grasps of the Leopard himself. The tragic deaths were perfect for this story.

The fact that this book was mainly written in the present time, and very few snippets were shown from the past is something I enjoyed. I really enjoy books that go back and forth from past to present but this was a nice refreshing thrill ride.

Thank you tremendously to Bookouture, NetGalley and Carol Wyer for allowing me to read this novel for my honest review. And a Happy Publishing Day to Wyer on her second installment of the DI Carter Series!






9 thoughts on “Secrets of the Dead (Carol Wyer) @carolewyer @bookouture

  1. I totally want to hug you! Thank you for such an incredible review and I love those photographs too. Really glad you loved SECRETS OF THE DEAD. I was always concerned that those who loved LITTLE GIRL LOST might not enjoy this as much. I can now breath again. Robyn Carter and me are looking forward to your reaction to her next case now. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Virtual hug 🤗

      I’m not a writer but I’ve always heard the seconds novels are the hardest. But you darling had no trouble with it in my eyes! I am so excited to hear you say she has another case coming! I’ve been totally in love with M.J. Arlidge’s character DI Helen Grace and I’m so excited to have another DI woman to love!



  2. Love the pictures! This sounds like a very good book and I really liked your mention of the deaths. Sometimes in books they are rushed or only used as tools and you cannot really feel them, but it sounds like here, the author did a great job with her victims! Great review!

    Liked by 1 person

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