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The Dry (Jane Harper)

Author: Jane Harper
Goodreads Rating: ★★★★☆ (4.09)
Pages: 326
May 31, 2016

Goodreads Synopsis:

Luke Hadler turns a gun on his wife and child, then himself. The farming community of Kiewarra is facing life and death choices daily. If one of their own broke under the strain, well… When Federal Police investigator Aaron Falk returns to Kiewarra for the funerals, he is loath to confront the people who rejected him twenty years earlier. But when his investigative skills are called on, the facts of the Hadler case start to make him doubt this murder-suicide charge. And as Falk probes deeper into the killings, old wounds start bleeding into fresh ones. For Falk and his childhood friend Luke shared a secret… A secret Falk thought long-buried … A secret which Luke’s death starts to bring to the surface.

My Rating ★★★★★ (5 Stars)

This book is hands down fantastic. The writing of this book was phenomenal and I devoured this book slowly but surely! This is another book I highly suggest reading if you haven’t already!

I’m not going to beat around the bush, when I first seen everyone reading this book, it didn’t seem like something I would read (cover biased). Then last month a friend I’ve made over bookstagram asked me if I’d like to do a buddy read with her. I contemplated it because I’m a slow reader and didn’t want her to have to wait on me to read but now that we have our first buddy read done, I loved it! Megan from Coffee by the Novel and I read this book in about two weeks. Needless to say, I did not have a problem keeping up and neither did she!

I’m going to strictly talk about the things that stood out for me in this book to keep me fully engaged and what made this book a 5 star rating.

There were a lot of small details that made me like this book but what made me love this book was the way Harper wrote about her characters. As I began to read The Dry it was like I had known these people in my current life. I made connections with them all and found myself defending them before she could even get to it. My favorite characters were definitely Falk and Raco. They made a great team and not only were they serious to get the job done, they knew that they could relax a little and have some fun too. In my book dreams I’d definitely like to see book number two with Falk and Raco working together.

Another thing that stood out for me was the backstory of where the book was taking place. I think it was in one of my Top Ten Tuesday posts I talked about liking to see more of small town secrecy and small towns coming together to protect their own. In a sense this book was all about small town secrecy but not a town protecting it’s own. The town had no idea the trouble they were about to be in and they were a town who was afraid of one person for too many years. Also, I have been reading a lot of books lately that have either been placed within the United States or England. I loved that this book was written to be placed in Australia! Way cool!

With the writing top notch, the place of origin perfect, the mystery thought out brilliantly, another reason this book was placed a 5 star is because of trust. I didn’t know how to trust any of these characters. Everyone had could have had something to gain. Then, even while you are reading along with book you may have your suspicions, you may have your mind set on who the culprit is but you will not know why until it is fully revealed in the last few chapters. And if you do figure out the why before the end, PLEASE tell me how you figured it out! Because I never suspected it. My eyes were determinedly set on someone else.

Something I want to advise on is that I didn’t find this story to be extremely fast paced. I know all readers are different and can read books differently but in my opinion this is not a book to read in one sitting. This is a well thought out book where she takes her time to fully tell the story and increased the action where it was due at the end of the book.

As a reminder, this book is the monthly pick for the Criminally Good Book Club so you definitely still have time to pick it up and read along with everyone. But as for Megan and I we were both highly satisfied with this novel and even though she does not have a book blog (YET!) you need to check out her review when it’s posted on her Goodreads page. You can find Megan on Goodreads here.




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