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Dying for Christmas (Tammy Cohen)

Goodreads Synopsis:

Author: Tammy Cohen
Goodreads Rating: ★★★★☆ (3.77)
Pages: 400
Publication Date: November 20th, 2014

I am missing. Held captive by a blue-eyed stranger. To mark the twelve days of Christmas, he gives me a gift every day, each more horrible than the last. The twelfth day is getting closer. After that, there’ll be no more Christmas cheer for me. No mince pies, no carols. No way out.

But I have a secret. No-one has guessed it. Will you?

My Review

I received this book from Pegasus Books in exchange for a review and I can tell you I’m very glad I asked to review this book! If you don’t want any spoilers, this may contain some.

There is two parts to this story. The first part of the book starts off as Jessica Gold is Christmas shopping for her family. This gorgeous blue eyed man named Dominic Lacey asks if he can share a table. Jessica is mesmerized. Little did she know that after he persuaded her to go home with him, that she was going to be held captive for the 12 days of Christmas.

Forced to eat food her body can’t handle, being shackled to a cage when she sleeps and receiving the most terrifying gifts from his past are just a few of the psychotic things she has to survive. Each day she receives a new present. Each present represents something of his past and his past is not picture perfect. One might describe his past as dark and dangerous.

Then one day, the last day of the 12 days of Christmas, Jessica escapes. She is in the hospital. Dominic Lacey is in the hospital. And so far everything I have told you, may or may not be true.

Part two of Dying for Christmas is what turned this book around for me. I became a little bored as the 12 days of Christmas were going on. I pictured more gruesome presents and just a little more going on and I almost put the book down to start another. But then there was part two and the minute I read the first chapter of part 2, I was stunned.

There is no character within this story you can fully trust. I wasn’t sure on who to believe was good and who was bad. Who was actually in the wrong and who was fully to blame. Part two will have readers hooked in no time, devouring every page to get to the finish. Part two was twisted, it was revengeful, it was mad. Tammy Cohen you have out done yourself and if I could just say you’re twistedly fantastic.

Thank you again to Pegasus Books for my copy to review! I had a great time with this Christmas read.

Dying for Christmas receives ★★★★☆ (4/5 stars)



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