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The Detour

Goodreads Synopsis

Livvy Flynn is a seventeen-year old bestselling author whose YA fiction has sold all over the world. People in the industry kiss up to her. She’s rich, she’s famous, and she’s full of herself.

When she’s invited to an A-list writers’ conference, she decides to accept so she can work on her next book and enjoy the admiration – and envy – of the writer wannabes. Plus, she has a new, cute sports car, and it’ll be fun to drive there by herself.

And then she the detour. Before she knows it, the car is wrecked, she’s hurt, and she’s trapped in a basement, with no idea where she is. A woman and her apparently manic daughter have kidnapped her. And they have no intention of letting her go.

My Review

This was my first mystery YA read. I liked how the story was written about a YA novelist having a very successful career until one day she gets kidnapped. It’s a story about a girl who fights to survive a place who wants to do nothing but harm her. Or at least that’s what she thinks.

The person who has kidnapped Livvy knows her secrets and is willing to share the news and to all of Livvy’s followers, because she ruined the kidnapper’s career so why can’t the kidnapper ruin Livvy’s?

It is a very interesting twist I never seen coming! I wouldn’t describe this book as a crime or thrilling novel but it’s definitely a twisted book on desperation and the will to survive.

My rating for the Detour is 4/5 stars.



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